do i need an appointment?

most of the time, there is no need. we have the showroom open every day and you can come on in anytime. the two exceptions are if you are coming in with a piece you want us to replicate, or are making deep proportional or structural changes to one of ours; in these cases, please call in to make an appointment during the week, as we are unable at this time to take appointments over the weekend.


do i need to come in with a picture of a sofa i want made?

again, most of the time, nope. if you have an idea of what you want that’s helpful but we’ve got 16 sofas in here and a LOT more ideas in catalogs. if you need a lot of guidance we can take care of you.  the exception is when you want us to replicate a sofa - in that case, please bring us as much info as you can.


do you sell just couches or other furniture as well?

we do sofas, chairs, sectionals, chaises, sofabeds, and upholstered beds all in dimensions you choose to fit your space. if it is upholstered we can probably make it.


where is this stuff built?

los angeles, california. it’s incredibly tempting sometimes to buy from china. at the las vegas furniture “market” where wholesalers show their wares to retailers there are decent looking chinese built sofas at INCREDIBLY low prices. we're talking sofas for less money than you’ve spent on an important dinner for two. but we won’t do it - not just because we think the quality is rarely there – but because we really believe the middle class american consumer who is our customer is willing to pay a bit more for a sofa knowing someone was paid $14.50 an hr in la rather than $1.50 an hr in shanghai to build it. the upholstery industry is one of the very last where american labor is truly competitive. though they are our competition, we tip our collective hats to crate and barrel and pottery  barn for keeping manufacturing jobs in north carolina and tennessee. to restoration hardware who now builds in china - SHAME ON YOU!


do you offer trade discounts?

we are happy to offer a discount to interior designers and interior architects purchasing for their clients with a valid washington state resale certificate.  we kindly request that each designer accompany each of their clients at least once here in the shop.


do you ship cross country?

at this point in time we can only deliver one sofa outside of the seattle area - the Jillian (which is an amazingly deep and plush sofa). when we do not have a client in the store our custom capacity is extremely limited. COUCH is geared towards local clientele and we do not at this time have the infrastructure to send samples or provide the full range of options to out of state clients. 


do you sell off the floor or custom order everything?

on occasion we will be selling floor models, however a vast majority of the time we’ll be taking orders.  for instant gratification you can visit our clearance page to see those items available immediately.


what is lead time?

lead time on fabric sofas is usually between two and three months,  whereas leather sofas take a little longer at 3-3.5 months. around the holiday season lead times are often a week or two longer.


do you have fabrics to choose from?

we’ve got literally hundreds of fabrics available in scores of colors, and many, many leathers. anything we make can be made in any of the fabrics we carry. we might make a suggestion or two, but in the end, we’re building the couch the customer wants, not one a design magazine thinks the customer wants.  you are also welcome to use your own fabric at only a $125 upcharge, as long as we are able to approve its upholstery-grade durability.


how much is customization? if a couch comes 84 inches long standard, will it cost me more to have it made only 81 inches long so it fits in a nook in my basement?

we only charge for labor and materials. making something bigger won’t cost very much at all. for instance if you like a couch but want one made that’s 10 inches longer and four inches deeper for a truly monster sized couch, you’re still only looking at an increase of about $350. try finding that kind of flexibility and value somewhere else.


can you recover my old couch?

at this point we have not worked out the logistics of reupholstery. that may change in the future, but for now we recommend that be done locally.